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Hello survivors, and welcome to the R.A.I.D. Devlog for March 23, 2019. We had lost you for a moment as our communications have been quiet due to dealing with many issues internally with the build. Without further delay, lets get started. Gameplay: Many features have been worked on such as many fixes to our procedural animation tech, newer inventory setups, 3D main menu widgets (Division Style), and many more quality of life adjustments/improvements. We are also happy to show off our new Glock 18 that has just been finished. Level Design: Fair Isle is now in version 3.0, meaning that the landscape overhaul has been done, optimizations have been made, and world composition is now in play, meaning that set dressing/lighting changes will be made. We cannot wait for you guys to get the work in progress version of the map in our new 0.0.65 build. The scenes will feel not only more lived in, but have more props and are better optimized. In other news, we have brought in another Environment Artist to help work on the Frostbite map along with a few other surprises in store for you all. So, where is the Build: Currently, we have been in crunch time in an effort to shove as much content as humanely possible into this build as it will be where we record the main trailer for the game. As a result, we are working faster than ever getting content into the build, but also holding it from our supporters/backers a little while longer. We are happy to say we have gotten a few extra weapons in, the new map version 3.0, and much more gameplay features! The build will remain in an imminent launch state as it could go up at any moment. We will post an announcement here, and in our Discord ( once it has been uploaded and is ready for testing. We hope everyone enjoys their weekend, see you in two weeks survivors.

23rd / March / 2019


Hello survivors, and welcome to the R.A.I.D. Devlog for February 24, 2018. We have been hammering away the final features and problems for the build, but unfortunately encountered another delay caused by life unfortunately. Gameplay: Bliz has been hard at work dealing with college stuff and was unable to work for much of the week, yet was able to do quite a few features, some of which include the finalization of our procedural animation tech. This allows us to use one keyframe to do many animations such as running, walking, proning, jumping, etc. which will save our animators a lot of time. Another thing that has been finalized is our new main menu, which is heavily Division inspired. Finally, we Level Design: Th?nk has been hard at work with level design along with Frosty. The military base and city environments are in a final pass, as well as various optimizations have been made. A few new locations are now in the pipeline such as the forest encampment, and a shacktown. A few of these will make it into the new build as well as 2 small extraction zones. Scenes are now being set-dressed to make the environments feel more alive and give a better flow. Animations: We have begun working on melee animations as well as some of the other weapons. The M16A4 is now in the prototype animation phase, and the AS VAL is next. These animations will not be in the next patch, but should be in the game very soon. Final Notes: We are sorry we could not get the build out within the last 2 weeks, but it still remains imminent for posting, and will only get more features in it polished the longer it stays out of testers hands. The new trailer is around 1/4 of the way done as we cannot really film a game trailer without a game to film with. We hope the wait will be worth it for you all. Thanks for tuning in to this weeks update survivors! The build will be in your hands soon.

24th / February / 2019

Transmission // 2519 04-09-05

Establishing connection... // Connected! Welcome back, C U R A T O R! // //- They figured it ou*REMAINING MESSAGE FAILED TO TRANSMIT** // Welcome back survivors to another bi-weekly (we're funny we know) development update for February 5th, 2019. To start ourselves off, we have been hammering away at various game play and animation changes, such as creating an IK template for all weapon types (Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun) so we can add a lot more weapons while keeping costs efficient/not filling up the game with too many complicated client-side memory issues. Various updates have been made to our particle systems, server systems, third person/first person movement, and more. Moving on from the animations, we have our public playtest coming up that we will be launching this *ERROR* (You are funny if you think we're doin that again)! All features in the patch include: - Main menu UI - Inventory - RAID temporary dm game mode on test map - Full movement system except for proning and vaulting - VFX and SFX - Complete overhaul of the first person animation system (mostly recoil and the backend system for the weapons, will move most of the custom behavior to BPs so customization is easier later on - You will be able to see your legs in FPP - New weapons -> SURPRISE STILL! - Rudimentary Extraction System (NO SAVED LOOT AND WILL COME OUT IN INCREMENTAL PATCH) - BASIC HUD for Weapon Ammunition/Health - Safehouse Map Addition We will be looking for people to record for our trailer and will be doing a mass play test on the day of launch. (Imminent) Continuing on, we have updates to our level design/maps. We have added some modifications to the city blocks have been made as well as the addition of a few new areas including the Radiated Farm and the main Military Encampment, meaning we are getting closer to a finalized map once again with 3 out of the 8 main areas nearly complete. We have also added the new test map area which will be grown out into a factory/safehouse for the player to test fire weapons, make changes to loadouts, and squad up with their teammates. Safehouse Map Work In Progress ^ We hope that was enough to tide you over for this "bi-weekly" update for R.A.I.D. (that game that is kind of a Battle Royale but not at the same time). It will make sense later. Anyways, have a Happy Late Lunar New Year and we hope to see you in the raid before the next R.A.I.D. devlog drops! (hint hint) Cheers, my prey. - Motherbird END TRANSMISSION //

6th / February / 2019


15-14-3-5 25-15-21 1-18-5 9-14 20-8-5-18-5 9-19 14-15 5-19-3-1-16-9-14-7 *CONNECTION LOST* Attempting to establish a connection... Connection successful! Welcome back, Curator. Hello survivors, and welcome to another update for the game! We have started the new year off very strong and have completed TIER ZERO of all BASE mechanics for R.A.I.D. and will continue to polish what we have as well as add the final remaining features. Gameplay: Some good news this week as we are finished our Paragon inspired TPP animations and are fixing some minor TPP hitches and some glide step issues that are still preventing the patch from being launched. Net lag compensation and prone movement mode have been completed in a tier zero implementation. The Inventory system is now completely finalized with a widget as can be seen below. Evolution: An explanation is long overdue for this one. In simple form, have been talking about evolving what everyone knows as the Battle Royale genre into something more since October of 2018. Essentially, we are going to be trying some things new to differentiate ourselves from these other BR games while at the same time keeping some familiarities with them. A few changes we have made include: - Removing the zone system entirely. - Adding a countdown timer. - Adding an Extraction system which will save your loot and spawn it in a “Loot Drop” in the next raid nearby your spawn point. - Smaller map encouraging close quarters combat. We hope these changes will help make the game play more intense and give the player character of the survivor more weight and significance. These seemingly small changes will also add some more replayability that battle royales seem to be moving towards the “battle pass” model on, which we would like to avoid as long as possible. Level Design: The new map, Marshlands, is coming along nicely. The landscape and post process pass is complete and we are now beginning a foliage pass followed by new roads, which will establish a base play area and give us a real idea of how the new style of the level will feel compared to the older one, Fair Isle. Pictures down below give an idea of what the dense forests may look like in the game. Thanks everyone for sticking with us this far! It has been a real journey and we hope it will continue far into the future.

19th / January / 2019

*ERROR* DIV 05 22 05 14 00 20 08 05 00 16 15 15 18 00 20 01 11 05 00 01 03 20 09 15 14 Welcome survivors to 2019! We have just finished our holiday break at HAWKEYE and we are going full steam ahead on RAID! Our official release da... *ERROR* establishing connection... Connection successful! Welcome back Divulgence. Gameplay: Boy, do we have some good news to tell you. We are working on a complex movement system using distance matching for tpp animations (Paragon inspired) -> This is the last thing that is delaying because there are some edge cases that are proving themselves to be a pain We have completed Engine's CharacterMovementComponent modifications to allow for net lag compensation and prone movement mode. We have completed Tier 0 implementation of Proning, still WIP. You can now see your legs in FPP! This is nearly complete, but there needs to be something that we are not sure how to solve so it is disabled for now. Several improvements have been made to the procedural recoil system Inventory System is complete! -> Missing UI at this point. There are now the proper footstep sounds depending on where you are walking/running, and the same applies to gunshots. Evolution of our Battle Royale: We will go into more detail about how we plan to improve the game in a YouTube video next Steam update. But to give some details, it involves a huge amount of gameplay changes that we believe will set us apart from other BRs as well as keep the community playing the game after launch. These changes, like I said, will be disclosed next update! Level Design: We are currently completely rehauling the map, again. We feel that with our evolution of the game that the old map would feel too large and empty, so we are working on a prettier and denser map that will feel less empty compared to the current Fair Isle level our community has played before. 0.0.65 Patch Within the upcoming 0.0.65 patch which will be our OPEN TESTING patch, we are hoping to include the revamped Fair Isle as well as a near-complete R.A.I.D. experience that will be very similar to the launch version. This will be one of the last times our community can let us know of any MAJOR changes that need to be made within the game before Early Access. This is because we are entering the polishing stage of the project and will be ready to launch whenever the community is ready at any time this year. Thank you all for tuning in to this weeks update, we will see you on January 17th for the next update continuing our bi-weekly schedule.

5th / January / 2019