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*ERROR* DIV 05 22 05 14 00 20 08 05 00 16 15 15 18 00 20 01 11 05 00 01 03 20 09 15 14 Welcome survivors to 2019! We have just finished our holiday break at HAWKEYE and we are going full steam ahead on RAID! Our official release da... *ERROR* establishing connection... Connection successful! Welcome back Divulgence. Gameplay: Boy, do we have some good news to tell you. We are working on a complex movement system using distance matching for tpp animations (Paragon inspired) -> This is the last thing that is delaying because there are some edge cases that are proving themselves to be a pain We have completed Engine's CharacterMovementComponent modifications to allow for net lag compensation and prone movement mode. We have completed Tier 0 implementation of Proning, still WIP. You can now see your legs in FPP! This is nearly complete, but there needs to be something that we are not sure how to solve so it is disabled for now. Several improvements have been made to the procedural recoil system Inventory System is complete! -> Missing UI at this point. There are now the proper footstep sounds depending on where you are walking/running, and the same applies to gunshots. Evolution of our Battle Royale: We will go into more detail about how we plan to improve the game in a YouTube video next Steam update. But to give some details, it involves a huge amount of gameplay changes that we believe will set us apart from other BRs as well as keep the community playing the game after launch. These changes, like I said, will be disclosed next update! Level Design: We are currently completely rehauling the map, again. We feel that with our evolution of the game that the old map would feel too large and empty, so we are working on a prettier and denser map that will feel less empty compared to the current Fair Isle level our community has played before. 0.0.65 Patch Within the upcoming 0.0.65 patch which will be our OPEN TESTING patch, we are hoping to include the revamped Fair Isle as well as a near-complete R.A.I.D. experience that will be very similar to the launch version. This will be one of the last times our community can let us know of any MAJOR changes that need to be made within the game before Early Access. This is because we are entering the polishing stage of the project and will be ready to launch whenever the community is ready at any time this year. Thank you all for tuning in to this weeks update, we will see you on January 17th for the next update continuing our bi-weekly schedule.

5th / January / 2019

That Game You Forgot About

Remember us? No? Let me refresh your memory. We are that Battle Royale game you backed on Kickstarter just under a year ago. No still? Nevermind. Hello Survivors, and welcome back to another devlog, we have been very busy talking about the future of the Battle Royale genre and how we can appeal to a larger audience over these last few weeks. Let's get started: Gameplay: The inventory system is moving along quite nicely and some possible changes to the entire foundation of the game are being put on the table to progress our version of Battle Royale further. Such as removal of the current fiery zone system and progression of our gun mechanics to make a more "close-quarters" Battle Royale experience. Level Design: We are working on a small demo level for you all to play during the upcoming Beta test sometime this month just in time for Christmas. This smaller demo level will feature three loot points/points of interest, including a satellite dish, a smaller military settlement, and a few houses. This smaller area will also let us know how we should proceed with player counts in one server as well as how we should approach the game design changes above, possibly making smaller levels that are more close quarters. Animations The turn in place animation system is almost complete and is now completely networked, making the TPP system nearly finalized altogether. We are currently fixing final tweaks to the system and hope to bring more GIFs for you all to see showing our progress. Another development in the works is the FPP system, as we are currently reworking all of our weapon animations to make them feel more unique and personalized. Thanks for checking in on RAID! We are beginning a bi-weekly update schedule starting on Thursday, December 27th. Until then, we wish you all happy holidays and we all look forward to the new year.

11th / December / 2018

Maps, New Build, Beta Changes, and More!

Did ya miss us? I wouldn't either. Welcome back survivors, I am pleased to inform you that we aren't dead, actually far from it. We have finally been able to secure our developers full time and progress is picking up rapidly. We also personally apologize with the lack of information and updates on Steam but this is intentional as we are getting pretty close to an Early Access Release. We should, however, post a bit more often rather than our once a month schedule we have been doing these last few months. Current logo concept WIP ^^ Updates to the Game: On the developing front, we have made enormous progress with our movement system and are getting rid of all the quirks with the arms clipping through the character model and other slight bugs or hitches while transitioning between animations. We are also making some good progress on the HUD and Inventory system, which should get completed in a week or two. We also have made some updates to the weapon sway and are also currently working on letting the player see their torso/feet when in first person. Many of these changes and updates are going to make the game feel more immersive and complete, which should get us closer to an open alpha state of the game coming hopefully Early December. keep in mind that this build will still be a pre-alpha, just a chance to open the doors a bit. The environment we call Fair Isle is also now getting a landscape overhaul, which is really shaping up performance and quality quite well. The new terrain as well as the material, procedural foliage systems, and tessellation adjustments have all been completed. This new landscape should bring much better performance to the game with over a 26% increase in framerate without foliage applied, having us sit at 120 fps on our test bench. Keep in mind that this will drop a bit once we get all of the buildings in place, but regardless it is a huge improvement. For Kilo <3 Test Bench Specs: GTX 970 4GB 8 GB DDR3 i5 4460 750 W Power Supply Minimum FPS on old map - 62 Maximum FPS on old map - 95 Minimum FPS on new map - 104 Maximum FPS on new map - 120 Final Notes: We have also upgraded our Unreal Version to 4.21 for many optimizations in the engine that we have yet to test. We have some very fun stuff coming up including some giveaways with some physical items for you all to enjoy. Also, teaser is in the works. (Not what you'd expect) Thanks for catching up with us! We hope to update you all again very soon.

10th / November / 2018

Inventory System and Updates

Hello survivors, and welcome to the R.A.I.D. Devlog for October 13, 2018. This week has been pretty productive Gameplay: We have been working on aim offset and turninplace animations for our third person animation system. The inventory system is now complete in its TIER ZERO phase. Now it only needs to be implemented and some UI work needs to be done to finish it. The zone system's through its final art pass and is going through an optimziation pass. Level Design: LOD's have been worked on and distance shadows have been put into place making the game sit at 9ms ineditor, which is about 85 fps at 1080p on our test bench. New house models are in the works as well as a new police station. Possible Patreon or Other Alternative?: As all of our testers know, we are unable to keep the servers online constantly due to budget constraints. With a monthly income directed towards a Patreon or another alternative, we could keep them on for people to playtest with friends or with newer testers so we can begin to maintain a playerbase and let our newer testers play the alpha. We still will do playtests every new update, but until we can make a monthly income to cover the server costs, we do not have the funding to keep the servers up constantly. Thanks to everyone for supporting the game and getting us as far as we have gotten. R.A.I.D. has been making some good progress and we hope to deliver the Early Access launch before the end of 2018. If you would like to stay updated daily, please join our Discord channel: Website: Forums:

13th / October / 2018

Yes We Know, Yes It Is Still Coming

Hello survivors, and welcome back to the last Desolation post and say hello to the new R.A.I.D. posts coming weekly starting next Friday. We have been very busy this last month with getting that 0.20a patch out to you, and it has now been released for a little over 2 weeks now. We appreciate all of our testers and backers reporting bugs and issues they have found with our gameplay systems. As of now, we are working on fixing the T-Pose bug, Skater bug, and winning games after killing one player bug. Along with these changes, we will add the following in the 0.21a patch and beyond. Gameplay: Zone system is beginning to take shape and is starting to look great. We are working on optimizing particle effects as well as making the zone work and function, the zone will continue to evolve and improve as we continue down the pipeline. We are continuing work on particle effects for blood/bullet hits. Along with these nice changes, we are working on a fully custom third/first-person animation set. Level Design: We have made more beautiful changes to Fair Isle. Within the level, we now are reaching 80 fps on maximum settings with our mid-spec test bench. We are now working on house revisions to increase performance as well as the believability of the world. Lighting changes are underway which are also contributing to a performance boost and another foliage overhaul has been done which is looking beautiful. We are still working on furniture, new locations, and more which you will hopefully see in the near future. Gameplay Demo and Playtesting: We are currently working on a new gameplay demo as well as doing playtests with our community. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel (link at the bottom of post) to make sure you see it and stay updated with anything we are doing over the next few weeks. Discord: YouTube:

11th / September / 2018