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Desolation May 16th Update

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Hello survivors, and welcome to another update for Desolation! We have been very busy over the last few days and would like to give you all a progress report. 

Art and Gameplay:
We have continued working on and finalizing our procedural weapon sway system. As can be seen in the GIF below, there have been many improvements, and there will continue to be more in the future. The new update includes the new materials on our arms, which we will talk about in a moment, and also will feature more sway as the camera of our character moves more rapidly. These new improvements have helped add loads of immersion to the gun mechanics as well as the overall character, and we will continue to make this system better as we get closer to our imminent Alpha test. Another thing we have been working on is our arms. As a temporary replacement to our really pale armset, we have gotten a new material and will add in the new arm models in the near future. Although this change was unnecessary, we felt that increasing the quality of our product was for the better. Finally with our Art and Gameplay section, we have our new gun models and animations now coming online. These new weapons will also be implemented in the near future, but really help add to the immersion of the game as well as add content for our community to enjoy. 



Environment Updates:
The team also has been hard at work with our environments. Th?nk has been working very hard to retexture and remake models to adjust to our current level design change. The new Fallout style is coming along nicely and is moving along very quickly, fast enough to make it into the next open alpha playtest which will be mentioned shortly. 

Alpha 0.2a Playtest:
The long-promised 0.2 update is now coming to a public release. Meaning that the NDA will be lifted, mass amounts of players will be accepted to play, and we will have a fully functional playtest of the game ready. However, this update is not all bells and whistles. We are delaying the zone system as the voice lines nor the environmental effects are finished and optimized enough for public testing. We will replace this feature with a circle based zone just as a temporary placeholder, it will not remain in the game. For signups of the Alpha test, please head over to our Forums, click the Application tab, and sign up. 

Thanks to everyone that tuned in on this brief update on what is happening with the game. We hope to see you all again soon!

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