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Since many of you pm me or ask me in general where the build is, here are the changes for Alpha 0.067 and where they are sitting at in development:

- Main menu UI -> Finalizing now.

- Inventory (Maybe add it a few days later though) -> Networking side complete, it is going to need some rework after the weapon system is modified.

- RAID temporary dm game mode on test map (whether its the Marshlands test map or the Farm, decide in the Straw poll below.) -> Needs some work on the Amazon Web Services side of things, but should be simple.

- Full movement system except for proning and vaulting (coming sometime later) -> Almost finished, have to work on start and stop animations and in the transition from stand to crouch while turning and back.

- VFX and SFX (Barebones and basic) -> Not much done here yet, will not use more than a day on this.

- Complete overhaul of the first person animation system (mostly recoil and the backend system for the weapons, will move most of the custom behavior to BPs so customization is easier later on) -> Recoil system based on the previous one already thought out, have to write and test out some stuff; the back end system for the weapons maybe will take 4 days, but is necessary because we won't have time to deal with tech debt later.

- You will be able to see your legs in FPP -> Have to test the shadows after the shader has been modified.

- MAYBE but probably NOT, there may be some customization in a form of you joining the server with random clothing each time, just to test the backbone of such system. (Same as with inventory, if this happens, it's going to happen a few days later) -> Nothing done about this yet.

- New weapons -> They are a surprise!


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