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Found 5 results

  1. Car

    Would like to see this car added in the dealership, Becose it already has the custom Banshee 900R.
  2. Police

    I have been playing for some time now on this server and i see not many cops only. And everybody just dosent care what they do int the city, so i would suggest to make much biger fines for the speeding, running a redlight etc. Just so the people would act more like a humans if it makes sense.
  3. Next Set of Modded Cars

    Can the next set of vehicles we get in contain some pickups? Maybe long box ones that have extra carrying weight?
  4. I don't need to say much, i'm not sure about all of them but every custom car i have bought can not be upgraded. That kind of sucks since my GTR and my Subaru WRX have the same top speed despite being different by $30,000.
  5. No one really knows why, in a game like GTA, that there is no crouch button and since no one uses the creep walk why not take it out and replace it with crouching?