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  1. The State of the Server

    As of today, August 8th, 2018 I have been enjoying this server with minimal issues. Today I was RDM'd for the upteenth time and nearly lost a lot of money. Because shadowplay does not hook into FiveM I cannot provide evidence to admins and wouldn't of been able to get compensation for said losses. After the incident the person as to whom killed me, said I shot at him first, even though I had no firearms on me at all, I'm a fucking EMT. He then proceeded to come to the respawn point and harass me in voice chat without respecting NLR, or Roleplay, then tased me. This person's name is Lubify, he was accompanied in all of this by his friend 144hz. I truthfully cannot provide video evidence, otherwise I would. The most I have are some screenshots of chat on my steam profile which are public and can be viewed at anytime. I would like to state that when this occurred there were over 10 people on the server and I was the only person in a state job and there were no admins, or moderators. Obviously I can't tell you how to run your server but if no one can communicate so there is some type of staff on not all of the time, but a larger majority of the time, then sadly I will have to find a new server to roleplay on. It might not seem like the biggest deal in the world to lose one player but the state of roleplay and rdm is pitiful. Even staff come out of character in voice, like that's a big deal when it comes to immersion. Lastly I will be putting in an application for staff so that I can handle situations like this in the future with integrity and honesty, to make this server a better one, because I do in fact like this server and like most of the staff I have met.