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    Since many of you pm me or ask me in general where the build is, here are the changes for Alpha 0.067 and where they are sitting at in development: - Main menu UI -> Finalizing now. - Inventory (Maybe add it a few days later though) -> Networking side complete, it is going to need some rework after the weapon system is modified. - RAID temporary dm game mode on test map (whether its the Marshlands test map or the Farm, decide in the Straw poll below.) -> Needs some work on the Amazon Web Services side of things, but should be simple. - Full movement system except for proning and vaulting (coming sometime later) -> Almost finished, have to work on start and stop animations and in the transition from stand to crouch while turning and back. - VFX and SFX (Barebones and basic) -> Not much done here yet, will not use more than a day on this. - Complete overhaul of the first person animation system (mostly recoil and the backend system for the weapons, will move most of the custom behavior to BPs so customization is easier later on) -> Recoil system based on the previous one already thought out, have to write and test out some stuff; the back end system for the weapons maybe will take 4 days, but is necessary because we won't have time to deal with tech debt later. - You will be able to see your legs in FPP -> Have to test the shadows after the shader has been modified. - MAYBE but probably NOT, there may be some customization in a form of you joining the server with random clothing each time, just to test the backbone of such system. (Same as with inventory, if this happens, it's going to happen a few days later) -> Nothing done about this yet. - New weapons -> They are a surprise!
  2. It has been some time, hasn't it? Well at the moment things may seem on hold or a little dead in terms of the development of Desolation. I assure you personally that these claims and thoughts you may have been a little exaggerated and mostly untrue. We took a little extra time to release a polished 0.2a patch for you all. Although there are still complications with getting it released via Steam, it is still on the way and will be a polished and optimized product for you all to test. The zone systems along with the inventory are now in the works as priorities for our August Early Access release date. We have also begun work on melee combat as well as vaulting systems, which are shaping up and beginning to look lifelike/believable. We hope this announcement clears up a few things as well as marks a start or our lost momentum over the last few weeks. We should have a short gameplay demo coming out very shortly, which should showcase what we are looking to achieve with our game project this year.
  3. Desolation May 16th Update

    Hello survivors, and welcome to another update for Desolation! We have been very busy over the last few days and would like to give you all a progress report. Art and Gameplay: We have continued working on and finalizing our procedural weapon sway system. As can be seen in the GIF below, there have been many improvements, and there will continue to be more in the future. The new update includes the new materials on our arms, which we will talk about in a moment, and also will feature more sway as the camera of our character moves more rapidly. These new improvements have helped add loads of immersion to the gun mechanics as well as the overall character, and we will continue to make this system better as we get closer to our imminent Alpha test. Another thing we have been working on is our arms. As a temporary replacement to our really pale armset, we have gotten a new material and will add in the new arm models in the near future. Although this change was unnecessary, we felt that increasing the quality of our product was for the better. Finally with our Art and Gameplay section, we have our new gun models and animations now coming online. These new weapons will also be implemented in the near future, but really help add to the immersion of the game as well as add content for our community to enjoy. Environment Updates: The team also has been hard at work with our environments. Th?nk has been working very hard to retexture and remake models to adjust to our current level design change. The new Fallout style is coming along nicely and is moving along very quickly, fast enough to make it into the next open alpha playtest which will be mentioned shortly. Alpha 0.2a Playtest: The long-promised 0.2 update is now coming to a public release. Meaning that the NDA will be lifted, mass amounts of players will be accepted to play, and we will have a fully functional playtest of the game ready. However, this update is not all bells and whistles. We are delaying the zone system as the voice lines nor the environmental effects are finished and optimized enough for public testing. We will replace this feature with a circle based zone just as a temporary placeholder, it will not remain in the game. For signups of the Alpha test, please head over to our Forums, click the Application tab, and sign up. Thanks to everyone that tuned in on this brief update on what is happening with the game. We hope to see you all again soon!