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  1. The State of the Server

    Lubify Perma Banned. Processed and closed.
  2. Things you want to see in the server.

    What about a hitman agency? Cartel Mafia - public HA -Private, few well trained members.
  3. Things you want to see in the server.

    A hitman agency. Contract script.
  4. Don't open at work!

  5. Things you want to see in the server.

    Like what jobs?
  6. Things you want to see in the server.

    Just a general discussion about what you would like to see in the server. I'd like to see more custom vehicles, i'm sure most people agree. and aim assist.
  7. More Custom Cars

    The custom ambulance looks nice but it has a max speed of like 80. Which is brutal. Especially when you have 120seconds to get to where ever the person is and revive, leaving no time for RP.
  8. Police

    A Recruitment drive would be good as well. Maybe a one time event at PD - Get a bunch of PD online, have the event be broadcasted at start - Anyone can come to the PD and apply to be a cop or ems, then if they are acting professional in the lobby, they get an interview. Maybe make sure they are signed up on the website, and on the discord. Then if they give a good interview, hire them there and then as cadets. Maybe take a week or two to filter out the idiots, but there will be cops and in the end there will be more serious cops on duty more often. Just an idea on how you could recruit more quicker.
  9. Police

    Maybe: Fines get more extreme the faster you are going, in popular area (Legion, mission row, strip club) Like: If someones going 120 through legion, its a crazy fine like $100k.
  10. Im Banned

    Check out . Use the template there and post.
  11. Hitman. [Suggestion]

    I've been playing as a hitman recently and I think it's a good idea to make it a whitelisted, secretive job. So only the people taking it seriously can be paid to kill someone. Would like to hear someone elses thoughts on this though.
  12. Miner Job

    I think this is fixed, could have been a problem on my end. Just tried again and it's working.
  13. Miner Job

    The miner job no longer spawns a truck. When you click e to spawn it, it takes a $0 deposit and nothing else happens.
  14. Lmao great meme right here

  15. Next Set of Modded Cars

    More affordable custom cars would be cool. I'd also like to see more expensive classic cars.