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  1. Trouble Matchmaking/Can't play

    You need one other person to join a game unfortunately and if its the first game starting in a while it usually would take around 8-10 Minutes just start the server, If you would like to test the game ou just message me on discord @Th?nk 3D Modeler#2598. Sincerely, Jamie
  2. Th?nk's Introduction

    Whatever floats your boat Calvin but we all know I am sexier
  3. Asian Boys

    Vote to see if Asian boys are the best.
  4. Th?nk's Introduction

    Hi there, My name is Jamie and I am a 3D Modeler and animator for Desolation. I am only 14 Years old and live in Dublin, Ireland. I am clearly the sexiest person on the team and I am also an asian boy so emm I'm better at everything than you. If you would like to chat or have any questions please message me on Discord (Th?nk 3D Modeler #2598). Thanks for reading my introduction and also hope you agree that I am the sexiest person on the team.
  5. Th?nk Application

    Email Address Full Name Jamie Fritzon Discord Name & #ID Th?nk (3D Modeler)#2598 Any previous testing in Alphas or Early Prototypes of games/software? If yes, name them. Yes, I have tested the 0.15 Desolation, 0.17 Desolation and Project Argo. Have you pledged through Kickstarter or our store? No Are you 18 years of age or over? No You agree to the Non Disclosure Agreement. Yes