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  1. Car

    Custom cars are currently limited only to donations over $10 so that way donators get something in return, note everyone can buy cars that donators add they just get a choice of what they add.
  2. Things you want to see in the server.

    Okay, I'm working on a plane job for you, I'm going to rework the Truckerjob code and make it so you can fly planes and do deliveries, i.e. passengers for roleplay.
  3. Things you want to see in the server.

    This is currently in the works as we talk, hopefully should be fixed by tonight!
  4. Help plz

    I'm happy to unban you but I don't want to see it happen again.
  5. Ban Appeal

    Permanently Banned!
  6. Michael will be your new president! I'll be your new VP!
  7. Banned for VDM

    You'll be unbanned but you need to learn that you need to announce before running over someone or killing them.
  8. Lmao great meme right here

    Love you too bud! <3
  9. Miner Job

    Great, happy to hear it but if it does happen most likely due to exploits that we're recently patched.
  10. Miner Job

    Will get back to you soon! right now it's been disabled due to exploits.
  11. Custom Cars need to be able to be modified

    We're currently in process of setting up the new server, the new server will have better cars and I'll be removing the old ones!
  12. Realism vs Gameplay balance

    Thank you for the suggestions I'll see about taking them into effect!
  13. Car Disappearence

    This is something we're working on but right now we're making it like this so it does not lag out the server too much!
  14. Banned for Cheating

    Your no longer banned, this is just our auto anticheat it can be a bit sensitive.