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  2. How many players should games have?

    As many as your servers can handle. BR games are about the kills for me, and the win is a bonus
  3. How many players should games have?

    Honestly, 50 sounds like a good number but there are a lot of variables to consider so I think that you should choose the number of players and later on we can tell you how to improve it.
  4. Some game suggestions

    I went to work to go makes some money and i lost all my guns my ingame name is Johnny beans and my discord is the same can someone please help
  5. The State of the Server

    Lubify Perma Banned. Processed and closed.
  6. The State of the Server

    ive used shadowplay for fivem.. u gotta choose the program manually
  7. The State of the Server

    As of today, August 8th, 2018 I have been enjoying this server with minimal issues. Today I was RDM'd for the upteenth time and nearly lost a lot of money. Because shadowplay does not hook into FiveM I cannot provide evidence to admins and wouldn't of been able to get compensation for said losses. After the incident the person as to whom killed me, said I shot at him first, even though I had no firearms on me at all, I'm a fucking EMT. He then proceeded to come to the respawn point and harass me in voice chat without respecting NLR, or Roleplay, then tased me. This person's name is Lubify, he was accompanied in all of this by his friend 144hz. I truthfully cannot provide video evidence, otherwise I would. The most I have are some screenshots of chat on my steam profile which are public and can be viewed at anytime. I would like to state that when this occurred there were over 10 people on the server and I was the only person in a state job and there were no admins, or moderators. Obviously I can't tell you how to run your server but if no one can communicate so there is some type of staff on not all of the time, but a larger majority of the time, then sadly I will have to find a new server to roleplay on. It might not seem like the biggest deal in the world to lose one player but the state of roleplay and rdm is pitiful. Even staff come out of character in voice, like that's a big deal when it comes to immersion. Lastly I will be putting in an application for staff so that I can handle situations like this in the future with integrity and honesty, to make this server a better one, because I do in fact like this server and like most of the staff I have met.
  8. Car

    Custom cars are currently limited only to donations over $10 so that way donators get something in return, note everyone can buy cars that donators add they just get a choice of what they add.
  9. Car

    Would like to see this car added in the dealership, Becose it already has the custom Banshee 900R.
  10. Things you want to see in the server.

    The tattoo disapear after relog
  11. Things you want to see in the server.

    What about a hitman agency? Cartel Mafia - public HA -Private, few well trained members.
  12. Things you want to see in the server.

    Okay, I'm working on a plane job for you, I'm going to rework the Truckerjob code and make it so you can fly planes and do deliveries, i.e. passengers for roleplay.
  13. Things you want to see in the server.

    maybe like pilot or something like this.
  14. Things you want to see in the server.

    This is currently in the works as we talk, hopefully should be fixed by tonight!
  15. Things you want to see in the server.

    A hitman agency. Contract script.
  16. Screenshots of Fair Isle

    Amazingly beautiful.
  17. It has been some time, hasn't it? Well at the moment things may seem on hold or a little dead in terms of the development of Desolation. I assure you personally that these claims and thoughts you may have been a little exaggerated and mostly untrue. We took a little extra time to release a polished 0.2a patch for you all. Although there are still complications with getting it released via Steam, it is still on the way and will be a polished and optimized product for you all to test. The zone systems along with the inventory are now in the works as priorities for our August Early Access release date. We have also begun work on melee combat as well as vaulting systems, which are shaping up and beginning to look lifelike/believable. We hope this announcement clears up a few things as well as marks a start or our lost momentum over the last few weeks. We should have a short gameplay demo coming out very shortly, which should showcase what we are looking to achieve with our game project this year.
  18. Things you want to see in the server.

    Tattoo shops that work
  19. Don't open at work!

  20. Things you want to see in the server.

    Like what jobs?
  21. "Never mistake arrogance for intellect." 

    - D.B Harrop

  22. "Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish."

    - Euripides 

  23. "Arrogance is a kingdom without a crown."

    - American Proverb 

  24. Things you want to see in the server.

    I'd like to see more costume added builds or even more jobs
  25. Don't rob in the first place, work for your own stuff. :l
  26. Things you want to see in the server.

    Just a general discussion about what you would like to see in the server. I'd like to see more custom vehicles, i'm sure most people agree. and aim assist.
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